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I just had an infuriating experience at Sport Clips off of campus in the target parking lot... I made an appointment for my 22 month old son to get his hair cut; when we got there I was greeted and told to wait outside. I was wearing my mask and following the rules when a stylist came out and informed me that she would not cut my sons hair unless he was wearing a mask. I told her he was under two so it was ok- she said it didn’t matter, anyone that gets their haircut has to be wearing a mask. I kept my cool and explained to her that the state law says if you are under 2 you do not have to wear a mask, and tried to convey a few key points: 1. What two-year-old will keep a mask on? 2. It is more detrimental to their health to wear one! The stylist then said that everyone is required to wear a mask even if they are under two per her boss. At this point I was more concerned for other kids under 2 that were being forced to wear a mask.... I explained she was potentially causing harm to children and should be held accountable. I asked to speak to the manager and was told he was unavailable. Other customers inside also agreed it was absurd and voiced support for my argument. Other small kids in the waiting area didn’t have masks and that was ok apparently??? They just wouldn’t “serve” him without one. After a wasted trip and wasted time arguing we left. Went across the street to Great Clips. Not only did they have no problem serving my 22-month old without a mask, the stylist did a GREAT job cutting the hair of a wiggly, squirmy toddler! Highly recommend giving them your business, instead. I hope Sport Clips reconsiders their potentially dangerous policy (which is not supported by ANY government or CDC recommendation), and I hope the manager sees this and understands they are losing business for a dangerous and ridiculous policy.

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Kimberly R. | July 1, 2020 Overall Experience

"I just had an infuriating experience at Sport Clips off of campus in the target parking lot... I "

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